Little Deeply.

Half atractive, genuinely touched, and very fond of my face, I have a picture of Little Deeply.
With a long passage and large knife, one of her legs popped out.


Few Gave a Fuck.

In life, I'm all answers. Not the tissue-foolish queen hard thought of by the unbeknown on my twitter, man. Treat your eyes to the dysfunction, the impact of acute underestimation. I don't care for my disorder-drugs, yet I almost never initiate. Receptor pressure is orchestrated like appendicitis, resulting in heavy contribution during self-induced claims.

I speak out with serotonin ease, all off-focus and forceful as these people vomit puzzled codes. I'm giving a dole-fuck, referencing the benign posing as defendant and laying a victim of a shit beneath. Enjoy your time tied to this allergic flesh, pressure my hopes and they'll deter the ground.

- The # means no shit.