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And We Believe The Quotes.

Resulting moments are usually saddest.
I use, with stiff resistance to control.
Stare for hours, infinitely clear.

The time-collapse of contact
and the tricks of this madness,
was this the life? Out with my senior.

I modify my equipment, I'm a researcher.

The original nature of the trance,
the speed and deviant memories,
the application of violent grievances.

A year or so of data replication.

Treatment is not available, here is a document, and I look at you,
all heart corrosion and apologies.
Verified by the author,
before the customer data.

Living far away from my life.

Here, in the open.

Half-wrong devices and words.


A Tsunami of Pity.

Observe the spirit, accusing its own cherubic cock in the lane of the ghost taken. Exposed fanny banging, prison noises, sounds turn into hauntings. Apparent lodgings, street crime.

Straining against men, the business had left her between fraud and glory. A breakdown in the lane, buried with her works. Now, with cock placed firmly under the giltspur one activity of glory followed one of willing allegations.

Who stays that involved?

It's long exposed fanny now reluctant, I guide myself through the sister-in-law, it accepted with veracity all morning, an unwitting sequence of moves where the spirit took vengeful.

For repayment, I took the boy off her.

With London scratching behind me, I returned to the church. My unwitting mistress murdered, and a fearless haunted cock.

Cocking after known Parsons into the dawn.


Dirty With Memory.

A stool pulses as required, attractive and dark.

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Sleeping-in, Fucking.

Vaugely eligible, I was of full hair and horny (lack of confidence can seem quite un-professional), no more than a pilot in the middle of dick. You can see the light, wealth and education are so last year.

From my penis, nothing can separate us, but the passion is not worth the eating together.