Trafficking Paperback.

The long awaited paperback edition of Trafficking is now available at the following links...



PLEASE NOTE : I haven't recieved / checked a proof yet, but the onscreen preview looked ok; the end bit of one of the chapters is kinda centred on one of the pages, but I'm just gonna leave it in case I fuck anything up while trying to fix it (seriously, it's been a fucking nightmare!)

So yeah, if you buy a copy it may be wrong / withdrawn (a hugely valuable collectors item), don't say you weren't warned.

I'll update this post when I've checked the proof copy.

Tape Salvage.

"Over 30 glorious minutes of mutated/mutating/collapsing
wild, weird and smeared tape noise."


Strange Behaviors

Strange Behaviors: An Anthology of Absolute Luridity

In the place where there is the startling, the odd are superb, and the practices in plain view are at their most interesting. Welcome to Strange Behaviors! A collection of writing’s freshest and loudest voices, another new rush of unsafe authors – giving their words a chance to run wild with franticness. The stories that dissolve from their psyches are sincerely charged, dreamlike, agnostic, odd, horrendous, debased, regularly entertaining, and dependably with a profundity that just continues getting further and more profound. This is writing for the nonconformist personalities of insubordinate perusers. Go along with us… Including: Sam Richard. Theresa Braun. Jordan Krall. M.P. Johnson. Nicholas Day. Donald Armfield. Austin James. Alex Karl Johnson. Charles Austin Muir. Joseph Bouthiette Jr. Michael Faun. Zak A. Ferguson. Jason Morton. Stamp Zirbel. S.C. Burke. Eileen Mayhew. D.B. Spitzer. Howard Carlyle. Christopher Lesko. Ben Arzate. Loot Easton. Catfish McDaris. Dav Crabes. Dani Brown. Nicholaus Patnaude. S.E. Casey. Ross Peterson. Brendan Vidito. Justin A. Mank. Benjamin Clarke Younker. John Claude Smith. Shaun Avery. Kyle Rader. Calvin Demmer. Evelyn Joyce. Gomez Aggonia. Upper class M. Calhoun.


Best 2017 Things.


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