Bastl SoftPop.

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Tuesday, July 13, 1396

SoftPop is a new and analog synthesizer from Bastl Wander through the wet and spiritual sound!

Bastl Instruments, a pre-sale softPop synthesizer, has begun its new analog synthesizer, making it a "psychedelic, analogue and noise inventory"!

Likened it. Analogue synthesized in partnership with Dave Edwards, the design and development specialist at Casper Electronics, softPop is controlled by six feeders and is capable of producing any kind of sound from powerful bases to sound effects of water droplets.

The softPop synthesizer also features a semi-modular synthesizer, as well as a pocket-sized kastle. It has the ability to patch on the wire, and it can be connected to other modular syntheses by means of a socket mounted on the back of the product.

This synthesized two oscillators has an analogue filter of a crack and a presenter path connected to the feedback system, which, according to Edwards, gives the synthesizer a chaotic and unique character.

It can also accept incoming audio signal. If the Ritmig signal is broadcast through the device, softPop can be automatically synchronized with the rhythm of the sink!

It can also be synchronized with drum machines that use the clock signal to connect.

In partnership with Casper Electronics, this synth has a hidden compartment behind the device that can be used to hack and mumble this synth!

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You can enjoy psychedelic water pop that drips electronic sound.

We announced Czech handmade electronic musical instrument maker Bastl InstrumentssoftPop" and started accepting reservations.

This look and sound has the same genealogy as "bitRanger" released last year. That is, it is an absolutely funny guy.

Hikara designed housing has six faders and 25 patch points, some switches, speakers, RGB shining LEDs.

The fader controls the two VCOs and VCFs, and their cross modulation, and by complexly intertwining, it produces corocoro sounds like water droplets and heavy subbases.

Of course, all analog configuration from circuit to VCO. For analog synth terms, please refer to the article "What is a synthesizer?"

Because it is a semi-modular synth, the width of the sound is infinite depending on patching. It is fun to combine with "bitRanger" using the same patch cable, and it will be fun to synchronize with volca series and Pocket Operator series like movies.

It is the completion of the non-speaker session in which hatchacha rings.

Article Writing Currently, it is sold at 309 euros (about 30,680 yen) while reservation is accepted.


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